RIGE Inc. provides the consultation and support to owner of a project. The responsibilities and have a complete knowledge as an owner of a project it is essential that owner have a consulting company in this field help him to perform his duties to protect his investment.

The below list is some of the owner of construction project OBLIGATIONS that RIGE Inc. can provide that to owner of a project to secure the ROI and investment.

1. Providing financing for the project.

2. Providing site surveys.

3. Securing and paying for easements.

4. Warranting the plans and specifications.

5. Warranting owner furnished materials.

6. Disclosing superior knowledge.

7. Acting on clarifications and changes.

8. Interpreting the documents.

9. Cooperating with the contractor.

10. Selecting all professionals on the project.

11. Interacting with various governmental bodies.

12. Interacting with real estate professionals to sell the finished project.

13. Interacting with title companies to facilitate the sales.