Rige Inc. support financing program for the variety of projects in construction field to our client from start to finish, therefore we need the complete list of documentations to provide you with the capital that your project is in need as listed below:

Needed documentation:

Please note to expedite and get complete clarity of any project in general that needs investment capital and builder companies to get involved, the following Package of documentation must be submitted according to the following sequence as listed below to process the financing project promptly.

1- Project name.

2- Project engineering design and business plan.

3- Capital schedule (soft and hard costs). Note: Hard costs include expenses directly related to the physical construction of a building. Soft costs include expenses indirectly related to the construction of a building.

4- Project type, Private or Governmental, BOT, or else.

5- Who will be the guarantor for the project?

6- Terms on exit of capital investment.

7- What is the guarantee of payment financially? Is it a government issued sovereign guarantee? Provide a copy of a sample that guarantees, which it should show which agency issues it and the language in English. It should be an official document sample.

8- Provide the copy of the contracts or (MOU) as to project between the government and the company that is involved in any projects.

9- Provide the project feasibility study. Please note if the project owner pays the fee for the feasibility study we can support you with that too.

10- Estimated of ROI and duration.

11- How much investment capital is needed? And estimated of ROI and duration.

12- Government foreign investment policy and protection rules.

13- Current appraisal value of the land, if the land is part of the initial percentage to carry as a cash flow for abating the financing capital, (Normally financing company request for 15% to 25% cash into the project bank account.

Please note the success of your financing plan to encouraging the investor is dependent on your proper, legal, and complete documentation that you will present to the financing institute or a private investor.

Financing project supports