Throughout many years of our work experience and support in the field of construction consulting engineering internationally in Rige company, It was so clear that financing and capital investment were playing a major factor to bring a project to its success, but not to forget to mention a major international general contractor company can play substantial role too.

Our company’s founder Mr. Doctor Mohammad-Raza Goudarzi took this important element of financing and needed capital along with mid and large top international GC (General Contractor) companies to be joined as part of our team. The support of these major companies will provide to our client’s project to become most feasible as to ROI of the investment of a project.

Our affiliated companies support us to build the following projects such as Air-port, Commercial high rise building, Ports, Theme park, Power plant, Highways and bridges, Hotel, Health care facilities, Shopping center, housing complex, power plant, water dam, Railway.

We are happy to announce to our client the support of our affiliated companies (MCI COMPANY and A.G GLOBAL CAPITA), SINOTEC COMPANY), (CSCE COMPANY), (CRCC COMPANY) will make the financing and construction of your project to accomplish your financial goal. Please use the below website address links of our affiliated companies to learn about our team of experts.