Rige Inc. International Group of Construction Engineering Consultants is culmination of many years (25 years) of work experience in the field of construction industry internationally.

The founder of Rige Inc. Doctor Mohammad-Reza Goudarzi created this corporation by accumulating and obtaining higher education along with series of managing major construction project in Europe, Africa, Middle-East, and CIS countries in his profile and consequently the RIGE Inc. too. This enables RIGE Inc. to provide a specialized professional service that will assist clients in identifying solutions and minimizing their risk.

The founder’s ambition created a financing plan to support the owners and developers of construction projects to get their financing needed through RIJR Inc. affiliated companies. Please take a moment of your time and visit our financing section of our site.


Are you looking for a professional and expert corporation company to assist you with your project?


RIGE Inc. team of knowledgeable and experience staff with work with you to support your project in any step of the way!


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Throughout many years of our work experience and support in the field of construction consulting engineering internationally in Rige company, It was so clear that financing and capital investment were playing a major factor to bring a project to its success, but not to forget to mention a major international general contractor company can play substantial rules too.
Our company’s founder Mr. Doctor Mohammad-Raza Goudarzi took this important element of financing and needed capital along with mid and large top international GC (General Contractor) companies to be joined as part of our team. The support of these major companies will provide to our client’s project to become most feasible as to ROI of the investment of a project.

We are happy to announce to our client the support of our affiliated companies (MCI COMPANY and A.G GLOBAL CAPITA), SINOTEC COMPANY), (CSCE COMPANY), (CRCC COMPANY) will make the financing and construction of your project to accomplish your financial goal. Please click on the below image of our affiliated company’s website link to learn about our team of experts.


RIGE Inc. has achieved several certifications and recognition from following professional organization internationally.

· Participant certificate Ministry of transportation infrastructure

Government of Canada

· ISO certification of control, supervision and management system on civil & construction activities

· Management system solutions certification: supervising, inspection, quality control and quality assurance of construction activities

· Berkley international university certification of technical partnership (soil study, analyzing and laboratory)

· Berkley international university certification of technical partnership (supervising and inspecting of construction)

· TUV management service GmbH quality and environment management system for civil engineering control procedures and laboratory management